2023 RFJ Cup Rules - Short

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First Rule is to have fun racing and help others have fun racing. Saying I’m sorry, thank you and you’re welcome go a long way!

Second Rule. We will use Discord Only for this series. It is easier and quicker for the admins to get things under control. It also allows members to talk if they are having difficulty entering the league session or if they get disconnected from the session.

Starts and Restarts: At RFJ, we go on the green flag! Not when the pace car pulls in, not at the drivers discretion. No jumping out of line before S/F Line. Stay in line! Maintain pace speed coming to the start, no Laying back to get a jump on Starts and Restarts.

Black Flags: NO CLEARING BLACK FLAGS All penalties must be served. We know that sometimes they are bogus but no more bogus than losing your connection or your engine blowing for no reason. It is up to the driver to properly follow game commands and to know the built-in iRacing rules.

Qualifying: Single car qualifying, unless heat formats are used. All drivers must start where they qualify, there will be no EOLL's or starting from the pits. If you do not wish to start up front please do not qualify.

Cautions: Driver causing caution must acknowledge/announce to admins that they are at fault. If unsure who is at fault just indicate you were involved and not sure what happened. If nobody claims caution, admins will review the replay after the race to determine if it’s a racing incident or if a -5 points penalty will be applied to the driver at fault. Accepting blame is a less penalty than being reviewed after the race and receiving -5 points penalty. When caution flies ALL cars should gradually slow and leader should call out location of pace car. Get caught up quickly and safely to the pace car. If damaged and off-pace please ask for End Of Longest Line to allow the field to pass you.

Under caution keep radio chatter to a minimum! The only conversation should be the admins until the cause of the accident is determined.

2 Spin Rule: Any driver who has caused two cautions must park it. (Not if you are involved, only if you caused the yellow).

DRIVER REQUIREMENTS:The RFJ Cup Series will be our top tier series. As a result, we will not be running “hosted” practices to recruit. Any new applicants should be sponsored by existing members who are in good standing blue bell with the league. We will also accept applicants who have proven themselves by participation in our other series. The admins of those series will be asked about the applicants driving ability as well as their sportsmanship on the track. New members can be added at admin discretion. NO NEW MEMBERS will be accepted once the Chase/Playoffs starts.League Admins reserve the right to remove a driver from the series and/or request they participate in lower series to gain more experience.

We will have Playoffs this year! Drivers must participate in a minimum of 18 regular season races (50%) during the year to qualify. Depending on how many drivers qualify will determine how many races are in the playoff. Playoff details will be posted separately.

Drivers must be at drivers meeting or they must start at the back of the field. They will NOT be allowed to qualify.

Specific settings for the season and individual races will be posted in the RFJ Cup Forum.

*Once you have read these rules please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the two words that don't fit/belong in this post. Once your email has been received your name will be added to the 2023 RFJ Cup Drivers List.  EVERYONE needs to do this, even if you are a returning driver from last year! If you are a new RFJ member please check the Drivers Numbers listing for available car numbers before joining any league session.

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