Daytona twins info. IMPORTANT

1 year 3 months ago #589 by Mike Holland
RFJ Cup Series starts tonight!!! Tonight will be qualifying for the starting grid for Tuesday's race. We are requesting that ALL drivers participating in this series use Discord for all communication on Tuesday nights. There we will have our drivers meeting as well as prayer/praise time. Any driver not in Discord will be sent to the End Of Longest Line at the start of each race.To assist new members with Discord, we will have a 30 minute time period tonight (8-8:30pm EST) that we will use to help you get setup. We WILL NOT help after 8:30 as this will be practice time! We will do the same on Tuesday (2/21) from 8-8:30 to further assist. We highly recommend you download and install Discord before you join the session to help save time. Also, you should write down your user name and password so you don't forget. Everyone is required to use their real name in our Discord server so you can be recognized. You will not be allowed to join until it is changed. You can find the Discord link on the front page of our web site in the left column.Here is a link to the Discord thread in our web site forums. You must login to read: [url=[0]=AT1r7g0-5gIPKfNaDCxm9QkzO4idKTLce5_pIf3EMKFaS5uwzovzv-f2IOz5c7a6X8_YrgAJLfkHP5xAYa9ylZfXf9bdI_d2KWxyvSuF1xnX2e34Sl0FUMiUHusgwZ2EmNyXGJRe1KwzQUxJZFi-UcO672NLxuJMNf1n4ycL6xRit3Tfm6QnSBh6uoxzJy6yZitjGSKx2JK8A2WqX7JygEI] [/url]

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