2022 RFJ Cup Playoffs

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RFJ Playoff SystemHow RFJ drivers get to the playoffs
“Win and you’re in.” Championship-eligible drivers who won a race during the regular season, and participated in 18 regular-season races. If there are fewer unique race winners than open spots in the playoffs, the remaining positions are filled based on regular-season points.

RFJ Playoffs by series: Round-by-round
16 drivers, four rounds
Playoffs begin at Darlington Raceway (Sept. 6)
Elimination races, where four drivers are eliminated from the playoffs: Bristol Motor Speedway (Sept. 20), Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval (Oct. 11), Martinsville Speedway (Nov. 10)

How Does the RFJ Point System Work
Throughout the RFJ regular season, drivers earn playoff points (tracked separately) to be used in the postseason. The playoff points procedure continues in the playoffs for drivers who remain in contention.

How drivers earn Playoff Points
Win Stage 1 in a race: 1 playoff point
Win a race: 5 playoff points
Win the regular-season championship: 15 playoff pointsSecond place in the final regular-season standings earns 10 playoff points, third place receives eight points, and the points awarded decline to one point for 10th (fourth = seven points, fifth = six points, etc.).

Championship-contending drivers can accumulate additional playoff points throughout the playoffs via stage and race wins and may use all the playoff points they earn, from both the regular season and the playoffs, to advance all the way up to the Championship 4.

Playoff points are added to a championship-contending driver’s reset points total at the start of every round of the RFJ Playoffs until they are eliminated from championship contention.

If a driver accumulates playoff points during the regular season but does not qualify for the playoffs, their playoff points are eliminated from the scoreboard.

At Phoenix Raceway, playoff points are off the table and the Championship 4 drivers enter the “winner-take-all” race on equal ground.

All drivers who did not qualify for the Playoffs will continue to accrue points as in the regular season. These will be totaled at the end for the season Final Standings.
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