2022 Cup Series Details

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Welcome to the 2022 RFJ Cup Series!

Our Tuesday night timetable will be as follows. League Session opens at 8pm, qualifying at 9pm, Race at 9:10pm (all times Eastern Standard). *Practice will be shortened to allow for the drivers meeting and prayer/praise time. No cars will be allowed on track during this time.

We will be running iRacing fixed setups, using iRacing default weather settings, limited tires available (quantity varies per track), 45% fuel, 1 Fast Repair, 3 Green/White/Checkered attempts. The starting track state will be auto generated by the game and carried over through the session.

Playoffs - This season we will have Playoffs. Based on this year’s attendance we will have 12 drivers advance (could be adjusted based on participation).  In order for drivers to qualify they must make 18 of this years races (26 races) up to the first Playoff race. *admins may make adjustments based on season participation.

Bonus Points – we will award stage points at the half-way mark of each race.  We will NOT throw a yellow! Admins will refer to the official iRacing Results Lap Chart to determine the Top 10 drivers and award bonus points (P1 – 10 pts, P2 – 9 pts, P3 – 8pts etc.)
We will continue to reward bonus points for clean driving based on reduced Incident Points. 0-5 I.P. = 5 pts, 6-10 I.P. = 3 pts
*Admins reserve the right to make adjustments for the better of the series.

All drivers should join the Discord server before entering the League Session. RFJ Discord

All drivers wishing to participate must be verified having read the 2022 RFJ Cup Rules before they will be allowed to race.

Car numbers – We know this is a hot topic button. We have setup a new numbering system for the league due to the volume of members we have joining us. Please refer to the RFJ League Info section of our forums. Look for the RFJ Driver Numbers thread and follow the listed directions regarding car numbers.
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