2022 RFJ Daytona Configuration

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Once again we will try to recreate the format used by Nascar for the Daytona 500.  Here's an outline of our schedule.

Members will NOT be permitted to join the races until they have read the  2022 RFJ Cup Rules - Short Version  and emailed the secret words.

This WILL NOT be under League Sessions, it will be under Hosted Sessions/Join A Race/Tournament. Password: Jesuslives

Step 1. Starting at 8:00pm Eastern Time we will run a 45 minute open practice. This will be followed by Drivers Meeting, Prayer/Praise. Then at 9:00pm we will run Single Car qualifying to establish the starting lineup for the twin 50's. Once qualifying is finished, all drivers will need to exit the session and hit the "withdraw" button.  Once everyone is out of the session the admins will work on importing the finishing results into the next Tournament Session.  All drivers should be in the RFJ Discord server to await further instructions, as we can talk in Discord while not in iRacing. When the next session is setup the admins will tell everyone when they can login.

Step 2. The new session will start with a warmup only to allow everyone time to re-join the new Tournament Session.  Once everyone is in we will start the Twins. These Twin Races will be held at the same time, unlike Heat races where you have to watch one race to wait for the next.  So we will be able to run longer races. You will not be able to watch the other race.  Once the race has completed the night's racing has concluded. In the event we have an abundance of drivers, there will only be 40 cars advancing to the Feature Race next week. Last year we had 30 participants.

Results from the Twin 50's will be imported in order to establish the starting grid for the Daytona race. Any driver who was unable to attend the previous week will need to be manually added to the end of the field in the order they leave a response below in this thread. (Must be registered here at the web site in order to respond!) We will continue to use Discord for all communications. The Tournament Session will begin with practice, followed by the drivers meeting and prayer/praise. We will then move to the Feature race.

Due to the limitations of the iRacing Tournament Sessions we were unable to utilize this format! Therefore we will use traditional Single Car qualifying session to set the starting grid for Tuesdays race!
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Please read and follow these instructions if you intend to participate.

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