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Welcome to the 2022 RFJ Cup series.  We will kick off the season at the Coliseum for the clash.  Then we get down to business.  A few things to discuss.  First we are using Discord only.  If your not on Discord you can download the app and follow the thread posted in the forums.  The reason is like teamspeak we can have multiple people talking.  No more waiting to talk. This will help the admins figure out what happened.  Second we will have a chase this year. To qualify for the chase you must race in ¾ (18) of the points races. The top 12 who qualify will be in the chase (admins reserve the right to make amendments).  Third there will be a short-version of the rules listed on Discord. Everyone must read them before we race. There will be a word that doesn't fit. Message Mike H or Glenn the word. Any further clarification we will use the complete rule book. Fourth, Car numbers. I know this is a hot button topic. We are setting up a system for our numbering. we will post that soon on the Cup forum..We will give first consideration to the legacy drivers who have been at RFJ since the early days. Then current drivers who have raced a percentage (not sure what that will be) of the races, and next the new members. Please do not post your car numbers here. Thanks The Admins
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