2022 S2 iRacing Update

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With every iracing update, they release update notes that most people don't take the time to read. With this recent update, many are having problems with their new graphics settings as well as their VR setup. Here are a few links that might help you if you're having problems.

With the release of 2022 Season 2, we have added a new way for users to select their desired graphics device.
Before launching the SIM again after you've updated, be sure take the time to verify your graphics device and settings based on these changes.
You can find some helpful information on this new system in our Customer Support documentation here:
Sim Graphics Device Selection
Also, the related Release Notes for this update with additional information are here:
  • A new user preference has been added to the iRacing UI where members can set their Simulator display mode (Monitor, Oculus, or OpenVR).
  • - - Members will be automatically prompted once launching the Simulator to select their desired Simulator display mode. The Simulator will then automatically open in this display mode when started, unless you wish to manually change the display mode later.
  • - - This selection can be changed at any time by clicking the monitor or VR headset icon on the status bar at the top of the iRacing UI window. The selection can also be changed from the iRacing UI settings.
  • - - Each display mode will now have its own “renderer ini” file, so members may set appropriate graphics settings for each of their different display devices.
  • - - - - Settings for each display device may be copied from the legacy “rendererDX11.ini” file the first time the Simulator launches in a new display mode.
  • - - - - The new “renderer ini” files will have the following descriptive filenames: rendererDX11Monitor.ini, rendererDX11Oculus.ini, and rendererDX11OpenVR.ini.
In addition, here is a link to the complete update notes:
iRacing 2022 Season 2 Release Notes

  • A new “Dash Box” display box is now available for use with the iRacing in-Sim interface.
  • - - Enable and disable the movable interface box by pressing the “D” key.
  • - - This interface element displays color-coded RPM and temperature values for the current vehicle. This may be useful as a user may not be able to see the physical dashboard at all times based on their camera or view settings. This option allows that information to be visible through the interface itself.
  • iRacing now handles UI scaling on ultrawide screens better.
  • - - We no longer treat them as triple monitors and force the UI to the center 1/3 of the screen; instead we limit the UI to roughly a 16:9 aspect ratio no matter what value is set for the current ultrawide aspect ratio.
  • - - On 21:9 monitors, your UI will become narrower, and on 32:9 monitors your UI will become wider. In both cases you can edit the following parameters in the [Graphics] section of the “app.ini” file for further customization:
  • - - - - DriveUIMaxAspectRatio=1.8   (Adjusts how wide the UI is)
  • - - - - SessionUIMaxAspectRatio=1.8   (Adjusts how wide the UI is)
  • - - - - DriveUIFullScreen=1   (Disable this logic, and allows the UI to go full-screen)
  • - - - - SessionUIFullScreen=1   (Disable this logic, and allows the UI to go full-screen)
  • TRUEFORCE for Logitech g923 racing wheels is now re-enabled by default.
  • - - Racers must be running version 2022.2.9146 or later of the Logitech G HUB software in order for this feature to work properly.
  • TRUEFORCE now utilizes physics-based effects by default.
  • TRUEFORCE effects have been updated.
  • - - Volume balancing has been improved.
  • - - Effects volume may now be tuned and physics-based effects may be enabled in the “Misc.” Options tab.
  • The TRUEFORCE mix is now exposed to the app.ini file.
  • - - For an example, look at [TrueForce] volTrueForcePhysCarBodyAccel_dB=0 in the app.ini.
  • ABS support has been added to the TRUEFORCE and LFE effects.
  • - - This is integrated with the wheel slip effects and controlled by the same volume slider.
  • Updated the options menu section for LOGITECH TRUEFORCE options.
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