Figure 8 Fun!

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Figure 8 Fun! was created by GlennP
The Jesus Freak Series will be hosting a Figure 8 Fun Run at Irwindale on Wednesday April 7th. Will you be able to survive the destruction? Times are the same as we have been using a one hour session, so if you can spare 60 minutes on Wednesday night please come join us!! Practice times may be adjusted if we have a larger crowd to accommodate the heat races. So please don't be late!

9:00 practice
9:25 qual
9:35 heat races: 10 laps
Main: 25 laps
*All Times EST

Pro2 Truck
Unlimited quick repairs
Track: Irwindale Configuration: figure 8 with ramp

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3 years 1 month ago #198 by Bill Johnson
Replied by Bill Johnson on topic Figure 8 Fun!
iRacing has figure 8 racing during week 13. I never miss it. It's pure mayhem. It's like pack-man in sim cars. There are two groups. One group is trying to miss the wrecks and win the race, the other group is out to crash the other group. It's loads of fun, you just cant take it seriously. 

In the real world out at our local 1/4 mile track we have a group of tour cars that come out and race figure 8. It's call "outlaw figure 8." The cars look like a modified, and they are fast. They barely miss each other in the intersection and they don't crash very often. Check it out on YouTube. It's wild. 

Anyhoo, I'll be there. 

Bill Johnson

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