Pros-n-Joes Series 2020

3 years 6 months ago #34 by GlennP
The Wednesday Night Jesus Freak series will be running the Pro's and Joe's as a series for 2020. There will be two Champions each season and overall Champions at the end of the year for both Pro's and Joe's. Each season we will be using 2 cars, one for the pro's and one for the Joe's. Season 4 will be a 6-week schedule! You will need to declare which Championship you are running for before you race in Season 4.

NOTE: If you are a Joe and do not own the car being used, but you have the Pro car, you are welcome to race with the Pros! Though we discourage Pros from dropping down to the Joes class and whooping up on them!!

Season 1:
Pros - Global Mazda MX-5 Cup
Joes - Pontiac Solstice

Season 2:
Pros - Skip Barber Formula 2000
Joes - Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

Season 3:
Pros - USF 2000
Joes - Skip Barber Formula 2000
*There will be 1 drop week in the season

Season 4:
Pros - [Legcy]Dallara DW12
Joes - [Legcy]Pro Mazda

We consider you a Pro if you have won a race on a Wednesday night, or if you have years of sim racing experience in other series with high statistics! If you win a season as a Joe, you will be moved up to Pro division to allow other Joes a chance at competing for a season championship. The admins reserve the right to move drivers around and make adjustments to these qualifications for the better of the competition and overall series. If a Joe is moved up a class they will be awarded 20 points for each Joes win towards their Pros points.
*Drivers can only move up to the Pros based on their racing performance in the Joes division. If you raced last season in the Joes you should register for the Joes this season.

The races will be a League Session with Fixed setups and will utilize the "baseline" setup supplied by iRacing, 30 minute timed races, rolling starts, local cautions, 1 Fast Repair, open/group qualifying session.

Sign up below to declare which class you will race in Season 4

Mike Holland
Glenn Papp
Josh Wolf
Dan Ensch
Mick Leake
Michael Katnich

Hart Wachsmann
Richard Ross
Matt Lesniewski
Bill Bender
Kyle Brummett

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Since the Covid has us shut down again I am unable to bowl on Wednesdays so I plan on coming out starting next Wed as a "Joe"

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3 years 6 months ago #59 by RichardRoss
Replied by RichardRoss on topic Pros-n-Joes Series 2020
Yes, Joe's for me. Sorry for not being able to be there, however, I had to come out of Retirement and take a Security Officer Job. I am finally settled in my schedule and can begin racing again, when we start up again. Had a couple medical issues, which God, prayer and my Dr's have sorted out.

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