Rookie Legends Cup Series 2022 S1

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"Rookie Legends Cup" Series 2022 – S1
I'm looking to get RFJ members who are new to iRacing involved in a weekly series where they don't have to skip a week because they don't own the track. This series is all "included content" tracks and the Legend Rookie car with NOTHING to purchase to participate. Too many drivers miss races due to lack of content. Also looking to help them get used to racing in close quarters and have a little fun while learning how to race each other side-by-side. If you're bothered when you get wrecked by a newbie don't even bother joining us!  Also, we're not looking for drivers to come in and dominate a series designed for rookies. No seal clubbing! We're trying to help grow the newer members who have joined us over the last year. We are limiting the driver count to 25 as of right now, so PLEASE don't join the session if you have no intentions or racing. I have loaded races under league sessions if you'd like to practice on the tracks.

1/5/22           40L Concord Speedway
1/12/22        40L (N) South Boston
1/19/22        40L (N) Southern National Motorsports Park
1/26/22        50L (N) Charlotte Motor Speedway – Legends Oval - 2018
2/2/22           40L (N) Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park – Oval
2/9/22           50L Langley Speedway
2/16/22        50L (N) Lanier National Speedway - Asphalt
2/23/22        50L Oxford Plains Speedway
3/2/22           40L USA International Speedway - Asphalt
3/9/22           40L (N) Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park – Oval

Race Day Details: (all times Eastern Standard)Session currently limited to 25 drivers.  Subject to change based on participation.  Fixed Baseline Setup will be used.
9:00pm  Practice - 30 Min League Session
9:30pm  Qualifying - 5 min (single car, 3 laps)
9:35pm  Heat Races - 8 Lap (15 minute limit), 9 car max per heat, all cars advance to Main, Full Course Cautions – Laps Don’t Count, No Lucky Dog, (Points Awarded for positions 1-8 only)
Feature Race following Heat Races – 40-50 lap depending on track, Full Course Cautions, Laps under yellow do not count, No Lucky Dog, Auto Clean Marbles Yes, Generated Weather Dynamic Sky, Track State Auto-Generate, Carried Over, 2 Fast Repairs
*Lucky Dog is NOT an option when using “Caution Laps Do Not Count”. We do not want to run a 40 lap race where 20 laps were run under yellow flag conditions.  This will allow us to have full green flag racing.

Season: 10 Races, 1 drop race allowed (your top 9 points races will be kept)
Feature Race Points: 1st 43 pts, 2nd 42 pts, 3rd 41 pts, etc.
Bonus Points:  Start on Pole – 1 pt, Lead 1 or more laps – 1 pt, Finish Race – 1 pt, Race Winner 2 pts
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2 years 4 months ago #431 by RussellHooper
Replied by RussellHooper on topic Rookie Legends Cup Series 2022 S1
I'm in.

Question, what cars?

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2 years 4 months ago #433 by Bill Johnson
Had to look up "seal clubbing." 

Bill Johnson

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2 years 4 months ago #434 by MikeWeisberg
I'll be there in the number 50

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