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15 July 2021

Crown of Life GTE Schedule - 2021 Season 3

Written by Glenn Papp

45 minute race, 10 min single car qualifying, open setups, 15 I.P. penalty then 10x after (5 bonus points given for finishing race with 0 incidents), 1 Fast Repair
Generated Weather, Dynamic Sky, Time of Day 7:30am, Sim Date (same as actual day of race session), Starting Track State 40% usage, carried over through qualifying and into race
Cars: Porsche 911 RSR, Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE, Ferrari 488 GTE and BMW M8 GTE, Ford GTE

10 April 2021

New Sunday GTE Schedule - Season 2

Written by Glenn Papp

28 December 2020

Crown of Life GTE Series

Written by Glenn Papp

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08 November 2020

Crown Of Life V8 Supercar Series Schedule

Written by Glenn Papp

The Sunday night Crown of Life Series will be starting a new season utilizing the V8 Supercars! We are using the two [Legacy] 2014 Supercars with the baseline setup for all tracks. This season we will be including 3 paid tracks including Circuit de Spa, Barber Motorsports Park and Mount Panorama! We will utilize the paid tracks twice. The addition of paid tracks is to keep the schedules fresh, and how can you run these cars without including Mt Panorama? I can guarantee that you will get your money worth with these new tracks. Our practice session opens at 7pm ET, Group Qualifying at 8:10pm, Race 8:20pm We will be running 30 minute timed races.
This season will be run under LEAGUE sessions!



03 November 2020

Crown Of Life V8 Supercar Series

Written by Glenn Papp


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05 July 2021

Daren Snyder Wins 2021 Season 2 GTE Championship

Written by Glenn Papp


Daren Snyder Wins 2021 Season 2 GTE Championship!

Congratulations to Daren Snyder on winning the Crown of Life GTE Season 2 Championship! In spite of only having 1 win, Daren finished in the Top Five 9 times with 3 pole awards and also collected a series high 25 bonus points for finishing five races with 0 I.P. Snyder made all 12 races, capitalizing on dropping his 2 worse points finishes.  We had 39 different drivers race with us this season.

06 September 2021

David Cooke Wins GTE Race at Weather Tech Raceway 9/5/21

Written by Glenn Papp


David Cooke Wins GTE Race at Weather Tech Raceway!

Top 5 Fiishers: David Cooke, David Burgess, Daren Snyder, Eric Burghdoff, Steve Kubay

We had 18 drivers join us for this weeks race

04 September 2021

Daren Snyder Wins GTE Race at Road America 8/8/21

Written by Glenn Papp


Daren Snyder Wins GTE Race at Road America!

Top 5 Fiishers: Daren Snyder, Eric Burghdoff, David Burgess, David Cooke, Steve Knight

We had 23 drivers join us for this weeks race

30 August 2021

Eric Burghdoff Wins GTE Race at Indianapolis Road Course 8/29/21

Written by Glenn Papp


Eric Burghdoff Wins GTE Race at Indianapolis Road Course!

Top 5 Fiishers: Eric Burghdoff, Daniel Ott, Steve Kubay, David Cooke, Daren Snyder

We had 19 drivers join us for this weeks race

28 August 2021

David Burgess Wins GTE Race at Sebring 8/22/21

Written by Glenn Papp


David Burgess Wins GTE Race at Sebring!

Top 5 Fiishers: David Burgess, David Cooke, Daren Snyder, Eric Burghdoff, Steve Kubay

We had 20 drivers join us for this weeks race

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