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Dover Setup for IndyCar Race this saturday

1 week 1 day ago #608 by MarkAndersen
Here is the setup we will use Saturday.  I believe it is based on the Iowa setup.  Thanks Jasper van Lienden for creating it for us!

File Attachment:

File Name: dover_oval.sto
File Size:7 KB

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6 days 1 hour ago - 6 days 1 hour ago #609 by MarkAndersen

File Attachment:

File Name: dover_oval...18-2.sto
File Size:7 KB
  Jasper updated the setup. Please use this one for testing
Last edit: 6 days 1 hour ago by MarkAndersen.

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5 days 20 hours ago #610 by GlennP
If I'm not mistaken when you create the race session in advance and have included this setup, members should be able to go to the League session and Test/Practice with your session settings and this setup. I don't know if everyone is aware of this?

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