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2 years 3 weeks ago #98 by LarryJones
Youtube Channel was created by LarryJones
Hey all!,
So my son decided to get me a web cam for Christmas and has convinced me to mess around with video editing etc...
SO as a result I have started "LJ's 10 to Go" youtube channel.   Basically the majority of the videos will be of my last 10 laps or 10 minutes of each race.  It will be mostly my RFJ races but I may sprinkle in some official races etc...I have a way of showing my perspective as well as a box showing my ugly mug as well as a box showing tv camera style footage.   Anyway I am having fun with it and there is currently 5 videos up.  Stop in and check it out and maybe subscribe...comment with your jokes regarding my driving skills and of course any suggestions on how to create better content.  .   Anyway here is the link...
peace and love my friends,

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2 years 3 weeks ago #99 by GlennP
Replied by GlennP on topic Youtube Channel
How are you getting the TV Style camera footage? What software are you using?

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2 years 3 weeks ago #102 by LarryJones
Replied by LarryJones on topic Youtube Channel
Hey Glenn,

I am using OSB to record the races.   I save the replay and then go back and use OSB to record the "last 10" in TV mode.
I take the race video and the replay video and edit them using Davinci Resolve Video editing software.  Everything is free download.   Basically editing is a lot like painting.   I do it in layers and thats how I have the small window with the tv coverage basically over the main video layer.   A bit time consuming at first but I am getting faster with it.   Now I have to work on lighting and sound quality for my little box in the corner and also clean up the graphx a bit and maybe do a cool short intro with music or whatever.
Alot of helpful tutorial videos on youtube both with OSB and Davinci Resolve.

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2 years 2 weeks ago #118 by RonPalmer
Replied by RonPalmer on topic Youtube Channel
Just watch a couple of the vid's. Great Job.  It looks like you have been doing them for awhile

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