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2 months 3 weeks ago #542 by raytoth
Idea was created by raytoth
Name is ray toth the facebook group I'm part of for assetto corsa is making the arcade cars just like see on tv may get something going once released, thay have 2023 cars. Thay make them by hand in 3d program or ask people who made them if can bring over there mods, from other game thy don't rip off but give credit,  to one who made them if Kade, like us pits has the mod thy wanted, asked if can bring over and gave them credit. Most m9ds used in game thy make, and community in group, are helping to make the track just like see on books or on tv, thay use what resources, thy have to recreate the, now closed track or town down. Once made for area may Stat a every Sunday race I can host it since got served software all free all, need is assets corsa and content manager, with content manager you just drop and drag cars/tracks/mods and click install it dose it all for you. Only thing with cm is if want day to night need full version, but full version to get, you donate what want even if just 5 dollars, then get full version of cm, got really nice f1 cars may get that going and most tracks used on f1 season real driver use, one of f2 mod so real I tried is just like what real driver driver or close to, it in game as can get even tires, if anyone like asserts corse f1 race please let me know willing to do it dance we just lost f1 in rfj willing to do it love f1 and mods free tracks free cm free donate as chose ty ray toth anyone up fir f1 racing using assets corsa?

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