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Cup Richmond Race

1 month 2 days ago #334 by GlennP
Cup Richmond Race was created by GlennP
Wow what a night we had with the Cup cars at Richmond! We had a good start before we got to our first caution. After looking at the replay and cautions during the race it appears that most incidents were caused by differing braking points and a few slight contact. A few got loose which started the next driver getting into them. If you were one of the unfortunate ones that seemed to be involved in a lot of incidents, I'm sorry you had a bad night. Listening to the radio there was good communication, patience as well as courtesy to allow faster drivers to pass. We had a good stretch of green flag racing. Drivers are doing a better job of lining up under caution. Sorry and Thank You were heard quite a bit. I feel that many drivers are learning to be more patient, realizing that we don't have any bonus points and it's all about where you are when you take the checkered flag. You have to be there at the end so don't take chances! Thanks to all 24 drivers who joined us!!

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