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Darlington Issues

2 weeks 1 day ago #328 by GlennP
Darlington Issues was created by GlennP
First let me apologize for the initial session confusion about the setup. Apparently some thought the fixed iRacing setup was too loose. Mike went out to create a new race session with an alternative setup, but it turns out there was only 1 setup available from iRacing. So in spite my communication to everyone to "withdraw" and join a new session, we did not create a new session and continued to use the one we were already in.

Second issue was ALL the black flags that were received under the first caution. Plain and simple, if iRacing is telling you to "Let the pace car by" or "Pass the pace car" you need to listen as iRacing is the one to also give you the penalty! This is a verbal AND visual (text) command on your screen that will not go away unless fixed. In spite of your thoughts about if you should continue to "go around" the track to catch up to the pace car. iRacing will make the lineup adjustments at the time of the caution, then it should adjust once the field passes the start/finish line before entering the pits.  The final adjustment should be with "One to Go".  I believe the main issue last night is that when the caution came out, some thought they should continue around to the start/finish line instead of following the command to Let the Pace Car By.  Which means you were lined up behind the pace car and it was still telling you to Let The Pace Car By.  And I understand, to me it didn't make sense that I had to drop back when the rest of the field was ahead of me. But had we ALL listened we could have avoided that debacle!

Mike does his best to admin this group, and many complain about getting BF's that we don't clear, but after we review replays 99% of the time its the drivers fault. Just because you don't understand why still doesn't mean the BF isn't valid.  And the few legitimate "quirks" in the game we all have to serve and deal with.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with us last night through the difficulty and new session setup.  Apologies to those who didn't get in quick enough to make the start.

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