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Prayer request

5 months 2 weeks ago #441 by RussellHooper
Prayer request was created by RussellHooper
Hope it's OK to post this type of thing here.

I meant to say something during the practice before the Wednesday night race.

On Thursday, 12 Jan I go see a retinopathist  about probable surgery on my right eye.
I'm a diabetic. Sometimes I suffer from diabetic retinopathy. It causes bleeding in the eye. I've dealt with this since the mid 90s. Haven't had a serious problem in over 15 years. Now I am.

I had a bleeder develop a week or so before Christmas. Normally after a few days or a week the blood is absorbed by my body. (Isn't it amazing how God designed the body to kinda clean up after itself?) This time the blood wasn't absorbed and it's trapped by the gel inside my eye. So, surgery.

I don't know if they'll cut my eye or use a laser. I'll find that out in the morning. What I'm hoping for is that if surgery is required, which it likely is, that they'll do it the same day as my appointment. I want to just get it done so I can see again.

If you're curious let me know and I'll describe my vision as it is right now.

Thanks everyone. 

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5 months 1 week ago #442 by MarkAndersen
Replied by MarkAndersen on topic Prayer request
I will pray for your surgery and quick recovery Russell. May God give you peace. - Mark

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5 months 1 week ago #443 by MattLesniewski
Replied by MattLesniewski on topic Prayer request
prayers and get well soon..

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