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Jesus Freak presents the Stadium Super Truck series Season 1 2021

8 months 2 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #124 by Mike Holland
Welcome to Season 1 of 2021
We will be running the Lucas oil Pro 2 lite trucks on short PAVED road courses.
If you haven't raced these with us before you are missing out.  
If your worried about hand brakes and all the bells the trucks have you don"t need to worry. They aren't needed to run these tracks.

The truck is FREE and are road course tracks are FREE as well.  So there is no excuse to not come out and have some fun!
Seaon info:
Setups are fixed except for gearing.  Below are the gearing for each race in case you want to practice. 
Pocono will be added next week
We will have bonus points for low incident points  5pts=0 IP, 3pts=1-4 IP, 1pt=5-8.

Below is the schedule and times:
Practice 9:00pm   30 minutes
Qualifying 9:30pm 10 miutes 2 laps
Heat Racing 9:40pm (heat racing skipped if driver count is too low)
Feature Race: 9:40pm 5 minute warmup followed by A Main
*All Times EST

                                                                                  Gearing Underdrive:       Overdrive                 The main gear is Short
2-3:  Oran Park: South                                                         1.27                          5.14
2-10: Oulton: Fosters                                                           1.34                          4.57
Jan.  2-17 Okayama: short                                                  1.89                          4.89
2-24 Summit Point: Jefferson circuit                                   1.34                          5.14
3-3 Daytona Legacy: Short                                                 1.27                          4.89
3-10 Texas Legacy: road course long                                 1.34                          5.14

The Pocono Challenge!  It's a Championship inside a championship!
3-17 Pocono legacy north 
3-24 Pocono legacy east 
3-31 Pocono legacy south

Please signup so we have an idea of attendance we might have.
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7 months 3 weeks ago #160 by GlennP

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