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Should we change the Eternity Series Cars?


Poll: Eternity Series Cars

Cup A Cars
No votes 0%
Xfinity B Cars
7 58.3%
5 41.7%
Total number of voters: 12 ( ScottKelly, LarryJones, HartW1, LarryD, Bill Johnson ) See more
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1 year 5 months ago #55 by LarryJones
I would like to run trucks just because I like em and have never found a series to run them in. Truthfully I dont care if we run tricycles tho. Just enjoy my time with you guys.

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1 year 5 months ago #56 by MattLesniewski
I was sitting thinking a lot about this. I think the really best choice would be the truck series. I apologized for being selfish to vote Xfinity series. I read the comment my thought oh I would vote truck help those people learning basic truck runs as simple basic. it good practice run begin basic is truck series. help those guys improve their sr rating running truck series to make u feel comfortable learning track w truck then when u hop in Xfinity and cup into different level u can feel good about urself. I truly believe truck series is the biggest key learning curveball, slider ball, sinkerball, and fastball set up various w truck series into many different levels into Xfinity b level and cup a level. it like when u facing a pitcher 100 mph pitcher I don't have a problem but those people cannot face the sudden level. I hit a home run off, 100 mph pitcher. none of u have that like I won the cup a level. i step back my thought vote for truck series to help basic experience.

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1 year 5 months ago #57 by MarkAndersen
Thanks Matt- We have decided to go with the Trucks starting next Monday. If all goes well over the next month or two, we will stick with them.

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