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GTE Road America

4 months 3 weeks ago #269 by MarkRoyce
GTE Road America was created by MarkRoyce
We have a great bunch of people racing in this series but sometimes things make me scratch my head. I dont usually post negativity about races but Im trying to shed some light on the start of the race last night. We all make mistakes. I was running 2nd or 3rd most of the race in Saturdays indy race. I messed up and caught the apron and crashed and it went downhill from there. I feel bad but it was a mistake. We all make them, You go racing things will happen. Push it to the edge things will happen. What I cant understand is why someone with 4 starts in a season ending championship race is  going to go 3 wide into turn 1 in a 45 minute race and wreck those racing for a championship. Thats not a racing incident. Thats not a mistake. That is just plain old being inconciderate. Sorry for the rant but we got to be smarter than this. This is a great series with great racing throughout the lineup. We have absolutely had a blast in our 1st season with RFJ. Congrats to Darren on his Championship. 

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4 months 3 weeks ago #270 by GlennP
Replied by GlennP on topic GTE Road America
I agree 100% on that Mark, there was NO NEED to do that on the start! Starting back in 9th place I saw the car in front of me pull to the inside and I thought, what in the world is he doing and WHY? Once he touched the edge of the grass it was over. I felt sorry for whoever was a victim of that avoidable incident. I appreciate you not blowing up on the radio during the race. I know it took you out of contention for the win, but amazing recovery finishing 3rd

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4 months 3 weeks ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #271 by MarkRoyce
Replied by MarkRoyce on topic GTE Road America
I finished 3rd somehow and there really wasnt enough drivers had Darren finished last and me 1st to take the championship. but there were other spots up for grabs with Mike Baker, Eric B, and Kubay who also was involved. Even if it was the 1st race of the season no one needs to be 3 wide into turn 1 on cold tires in any race. If you dont like your starting spot qualify better, You cant make it all up in 1 turn. Thats why we league race and not official race that much is to avoid that stuff. it happened .. moving on.  
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